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Fanboys Show Selective Outrage on Race Based Casting

Many in the nerd community lost their shit at the news of the casting of Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm aka The Human Torch in the new Fantastic Four movie. They proceeded to complain about “forced political correctness” and how it was only done to score diversity points. They also used the excuse that he was traditionally white, so casting a black guy was offensive to the source material.So I ask people to look at these pictures, and ask yourselves, why the outrage now? 

Were the castings on the 1st picture picture done because of political correctness? Were these castings done to score diversity points? Were they done to be bold, and daring? Hollywood has been whitewashing characters for decades, and continues to do it. Don’t even let me get started on the all white cast of Noah, which is even absurd for Biblical standards. Why is it only a problem when its done the other way around?

Do you remember how people acted when Rue from The Hunger Games wasn’t played by a white girl, even though she is clearly described as being brown skinned in the books!!!!!!!!

This is a picture of British actors, Christian Bale & Joel Edgerton on the set of their next movie.

Now ask yourself, why do they have so much makeup on to make their skin darker? Well that’s because these two lily white British actors are playing Moses & Egyptian Pharoah Ramses in the new Exodus movie. Yes instead of actually casting a Jewish actor for Moses, and a black, or middle eastern actor for Ramses, just decided to continue the Hollywood tradition of whitewashing. Why hasn’t this news received the same attention that the Human Torch casting had.

William Fichtner has been cast as The Shredder in TMNT, who has always been known as the Japanese ninja Oroku Saki, but in this new incarnation, he has been whitewashed to be Eric Sachs. When Rooney Mara was cast as the Native American, Princess Tiger Lily in the new Peter Pan, the director used the excuse that they were “color blind casting” and that she was the “best person for the job.” Its convenient that these excuses only come up when its white actors that are getting cast in minority roles? I’m all for classic properties being as close as they can to the source material, but when there are changes like the color of a character’s skin, make sure you have the same outrage for the whitewashing, that you had for when someone is made into a minority.

Let us not forget that Robert Orci had to put together a retconning comic series for whitewashing Khan Noonien Singh in STiD.

There are very few reasons a character *must* be cast white, and yet even historical PoC get whitewashed ALL THE TIME. *coughAliciaNashcough*


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