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Ooops I may have spent longer than necessary on this now late inktober #15 but I really like Sirius, so…..

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thinking of you


*does something incredibly stupid or embarrassing* well, one day we’ll all be fucking dead. Everybody dead. We’ll all die. Fucking dead. Everyone. Fucking everyone gone. No more bad times.


but ask yourself, are you having as much fun doing your homework as i am?





How to make comics

My first vine

slimmeroo - is this how it works?

yep confirmed



Finishing multiple art projects in one night like



~*~ My style is freshly picked vegetable ~*~
this was the morning after me and Elly cosplayed Sandy Cohen. I spray painted my hair black and it was nightmare to wash back out.

(more comics over at oursuperadventure.com!)


don’t test me you fucking smart ass rocks

these gender rolls taste disgusting



can we please stop doing this to artists? if you like what they did and think it’s beautiful, respect them. don’t do this. it’s so obnoxious and rude and i hate seeing it because i’ve had people do this to me before and it’s a horrible feeling let’s just not do this to artists okay

This is on the same plane as “Your art is so good it makes me want to kill myself/quit drawing.” It’s not a compliment.


Here’s the full version of my first cover for Crystal Cadets, a really cute and kinda kickass magical girl series from Lion Forge! Issue one is out now, written by Anne Toole, coloured by Paulina Ganucheau and lettered by Erika Terriquez! You can pick it up here!


Yer a witch, Hazel Levesque


Modern au where James and Sirius are YouTube stars like they don’t know each other but people think they would be be good friends or s/t so they keep getting referred to watch each other’s videos so they do and have this whole extremely public social media friendship that blossoms right before their viewers eyes like they tweet at each other and make videos mentioning each other

Then they meet in person and each post the same video of like James getting off the train in London and they do a slow run at each other ((Sirius makes regulus film it))

And there is no speaking just the song “at last” by Etta James